About Us

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our shop! Allows us to introduce ourselves;

Skylab Technologies is an AI photo processing service that makes high quality retouching accessible to everyone.

Okay, so why are you selling merch?

Great question- the reason is kinda funny.

Part of the great thing about being a start up is the culture and getting to build that from the ground up. From the beginning, our founder has had an eye for branding and enjoyed creating custom merch pieces for our team, and early users of Skylab. 

As we have grown, so has the selection of merch items our team has to wear. We constantly have people at tradeshows and on sales calls asking, "where can I get one of those sweaters??". This got us thinking- why don't we make them available to anyone who wants to be part of the Skylab crew?

 Our collections are inspired by the 90's, all things space, and mostly what we think is cool at any given time. 

Fun fact; We have a meeting every Friday- "Merch Fridays" and it's the best part of our week.


P.S are you a photographer? Check out our editing tools at skylabtech.ai